Conservationists work at keeping their part of the world’s ecosystem healthy, balanced, and thriving. To do this effectively you need to create detailed inventories and maps, manage events and projects for data collection and restoration, and collaborate with businesses, governments, and the public. LocaleIQ for Conservation provides users with a single solution for end-to-end tracking and mapping of inventory, conditions, and location-specific information with content and map publishing for private collaboration or public audiences.

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Inventory Management

LocaleIQ provides conservation managers with tools to manage, track, and analyze species inventories, habitat change, and environmental impact and analysis. LocaleIQ Content Manager includes standard formats for data collection of over 50,000 species of plant life by category, 30,000 species of animals, and includes IUCN Red List categories and habitat data for your inventory tracking. You can add your own species to your list or create a custom tracking list for things like bacteria and pollutants.

Digital Mapping

Whether you are already using a sophisticated mapping solution, or you are learning how to map lands, inventory, and projects for the first time, LocaleIQ Map Manager will be a valuable tool in your toolkit to map important information from the field or the office. Our easy to use map drawing tools means that you, or your non-GIS expert employees, can be up and running and making maps quickly, or use LocaleIQ APIs to import GIS data and collect and map geotagged sensor data. You can create interactive digital maps on over 15 map tiles including The National Weather Map, Esri, Google Maps, Bing Maps, and more. We provide multiple ways to search and filter for mapped data, including drill down and up on mapped items for more or less detail to view data relationships based on the hierarchy you establish.

Detailed Content

LocaleIQ Content Manager smart forms for conservationist support:

  • Consistent data collection
  • Tracking of inventory, conditions, and environmental impacts such as weather, habitat change, negative human intervention, invasive species spread, and pollution.
  • Our easy to implement APIs makes it easy to integrate sensor data by location on weather, air and water quality, pollutants, tidal fluctuations, animal migrations, and more.
  • Append all location and inventory information with detailed content, geotagged images, and video.
  • Date stamp relevant data (e.g. size, heights, quantity, etc.) to view changes over time.


Help others to understand your charter and the negative impact to our ecosystem you are working to mitigate. Tell the story through easy to update website content and interactive digital maps enhanced with images and video. For multilingual communities and projects, publish this information and label mapped locations in multiple languages. LocaleIQ will detect the primary language of the operating system of the device being used and will automatically deliver content in that language. The end result maps allow the user to search and filter based on data labels and language options allowing the user to find the exact information they are looking for through an interactive experience. You choose which information to publish internally, to the public, or only on your partners’ websites.

Volunteer Management

Conservation often means using volunteers for participatory GIS data collection and rallying volunteers to support clean up or invasive species eradication projects. LocaleIQ’s Survey Manager is the perfect tool for your volunteers to use for consistent data collection and geotagging of multimedia from the field. When you need to rally volunteers for projects, follow these simple steps for end-to-end volunteer management:

  • Use Events Manager to create an event for volunteer signup, waiver agreement, and volunteer participation tracking.
  • Use Map Manager to map and assign project areas.
  • Use Project Manager to assign volunteers to their specific project working area, with projects and tasks to be completed.
  • Use Analytics Manager to track and report on volunteer participation and demographics, project hours, costs, and impact.
  • Use Social Media Manager to recruit volunteers prior to the event and publish photos and information after the event.

…all in a single solution.

Project Collaboration

Using LocaleIQ Map Manager and Project Manager you can collaborate on building maps and location-specific projects.

  • Collaborate with local governments, the local community, or contractors on mapping of approved protected and restoration areas.
  • Work with farmers and ranchers outlining areas for approved harvesting or grazing.
  • Direct conservation teams and volunteers on invasive species eradication, restoration areas, or new inventory planning.
  • Collaborate on location-specific plans and projects.
  • Assign projects and tasks, by location or type, to field staff and volunteers.
  • Track hours, progress, costs and impact through detailed analytics.

LocaleIQ’s unlimited user licensing means that you don’t have to give adding new users a second thought.

Trend Analysis

Use LocaleIQ to view and analyze data on conditions and inventory trends, whether driven by the season, growth and expansion rate of a selected species, human impact, or recovery from a natural disaster. Key to your future planning will be tracking and analyzing the success of projects and volunteer contributions. View and report on your digital map and website usage and use this information to predict site visitor engagement. When doing conservation management LocaleIQ Analytics Manager allows you to report on location-specific tracked and date stamped data over time to identify trends and anomalies and make better decisions on future plans.

Single Solution

LocaleIQ™ is purpose-built for land, infrastructure, venue and events managers. Your business is built around a single or many locations and requires a solution that can streamline and simplify management of location centric operations and data. Plan and collaborate with colleagues on maps and content, then reach customers with real-time promotion via interactive maps and detailed information.


LocaleIQ™ includes smart forms and data libraries for 21 specific sectors to give our broad range of customers simplified and streamlined management of their geographical operations, customer outreach, and data analytics.

LocaleIQ for Smart Cities

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LocaleIQ™ is an affordable, predictable, unlimited users plan that puts the power of real-time mapping, content, project and event management into the hands of all your employees. Users securely plan, collaborate, publish and analyze from anywhere, at any time, on any internet enabled device.

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