Events Management

LocaleIQ Events Manager gives events organizers and managers the ability to provide participants with detailed event information such as maps, descriptions, images, videos, fees, activities and an easy to setup registration process for one-time, or recurring events, for free, or for a fee. With LocaleIQ you keep your customers engaged on your site and don’t send them to a 3rd party events registration site.Events Manager allows you to post real-time information. Consider a delay due to weather, Events Manager allows you to change the schedule, post it immediately to the event websites and send out social media updates without heavy lifting by a web developer.

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Real-time Updates

Events Manager allows you to post real-time information. Consider a delay due to weather, Events Manager allows you to change the schedule, post it immediately to the event websites and send out social media updates without heavy lifting by a web developer.

For Any Event Type

Whether you have a recurring nature hike, a running race with different distances that require different course maps, a volunteer beach clean-up event, or a farmers’ market that needs to be managed, mapped, scheduled and published, Events Manager gives you the flexibility to support any event type.

Sales & Reservations

Advanced entry ticket sales, parking passes, and no-fee events reservations are essential for your business and a good user experience. Your visitors should be able to buy tickets directly from your websites or the event map without going through a 3rd party sales and reservations system. LocaleIQ Sales & Reservations manager offers events managers a flexible system that keeps the user engaged on your site and gives you deep insights into their online shopping behavior.

Project Management

Many events require a considerable number of projects for event setup, breakdown, and services management during the event. Use LocaleIQ’s Project Manager to assign staff and volunteers to projects and tasks based on that project’s designated location then track and report on project costs, resources, and schedule.

Volunteer Management

Many events require volunteers to guarantee success. Running races, park and recreation area maintenance, crisis clean-up management, parades, etc. often rely on organized volunteers, requiring volunteer signup, waivers, project assignment and meeting place information. Then after the event, tracking and reporting on volunteer hours, project impact, and demographics can all be done through robust volunteer, event, and projects analytics.

Event Maps

When planning an event, use LocaleIQ Map Manager to collaborate with city and county personnel on proposed routes, land use, and activities. Map your event location and route, meeting places, parking locations, supporting vendors’ locations, detours, etc. using satellite imagery and our easy-to-use map drawing tools, or GPS data import. In turn, your visitors can navigate your interactive, digital event map from home or from their smartphones while at the event.

Event Promotion

Promote your event and registration on your site without web publishing expertise and easily publish real-time updates on new events, changing hours, or new promotion offerings. If your customers find you on social media, LocaleIQ’s Social Media Manager integrates with top social media sites enabling you to send this information with associated photos and video to your social media community straight from LocaleIQ.

Business Analytics

LocaleIQ Analytics Manager provides you with the ability to view visitors, clicks, and page views, track conversion and number of registrations and search statistics for your events in robust dashboards by source timeframe and other comparable KPIs. Track the demographics of your events registrants and volunteers to better understand your audience and to build repeat customers and more engaging events.


LocaleIQ™ includes smart forms and data libraries for 21 specific sectors to give our broad range of customers simplified and streamlined management of their geographical operations, customer outreach, and data analytics.

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Smart Cities

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Outdoor Recreation

LocaleIQ for Events

Event Management

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LocaleIQ for Agriculture


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Outfitters & Guides

LocaleIQ for Crisis Management

Crisis Management

LocaleIQ for Wildlife


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Sports & Venues

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LocaleIQ for Real Estate

Real Estate

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