Outdoor Recreation

LocaleIQ is purpose-built for recreation land managers to simplify and streamline internal business operations, collaboration with colleagues and contractors, and customer outreach.

From robust maps that include detailed recreation opportunity and site information, project and crisis management, wildlife and inventory tracking, to events and concessionaire promotion, LocaleIQ gives you the tools to create and publish this information from any internet accessible device whether in the office or the field.

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Conditions, Amenity, Access Details

LocaleIQ Content Manager allows you to publish detailed information about your park’s features, amenities, and conditions. You can append any map point with robust information. For instance, mark specific sections of a trail with trail conditions information (rocky, single track, one-way only, etc.) and access type (hiking, mountain biking, equestrian, etc.), or a campsite with details about amenities, conditions, accessibility, and individual site information. Include photos and videos, hours of operations, fees and much more to make the map more relevant for your end user and ultimately create a better visitor experience.

Visitor and Land Use Maps

LocaleIQ Map Manager combined with Content Manager enables you to deliver some of the best interactive digital maps available. Map Manager allows you to easily map and publish details about your park and recreation opportunities, as well as mapping project and volunteer site details by using satellite imagery and our easy-to-use map drawing tools, or GPS data import. In turn, your customers can use your interactive digital map to navigate your parks and recreation opportunities by searching and filtering for places and activities specific to their interests.

Project & Volunteer Management

Managing outdoor recreation lands involves constant project management of human and nature impacted lands and facilities, new facilities building, or simply maintenance related projects. LocaleIQ’s project and volunteer management solutions give you the perfect way to create, manage, map, and track projects, then recruit and assign volunteers to a project. Dashboards for project and volunteer management help you make better business decisions for ongoing and future projects, and volunteer management and recruiting.

Visitor Outreach

Are you announcing the seasonal opening or closure of a trail, launching a new event, or simply reaching out to followers with updated photos and videos? LocaleIQ Content Manager gives you a way to quickly and easily update your website and Social Media Manager integrates with top social media sites enabling you to send this information with associated photos or video to your social media community. LocaleIQ Survey Manager gives your visitors a voice to share their feedback in a scalable and manageable format.

Sales & Reservations

Whether you need to manage campground or venue reservations, permits, special events sales and promotions, annual passes, services booking, donations, or simply take no-charge sports field reservations, LocaleIQ Sales & Reservations Manager allows you the flexibility to create and manage inventory and allow online shoppers to buy or reserve items. Don’t send your users to another site to complete their purchase, instead let them make reservations, bookings, and purchases directly from a map or content listing on your site.

Private & Open Data

Now you can easily publish your data privately to employees and contractors, or publically via yours and your partners’ websites. All updates are published in real-time – no more waiting for specialized skillset to get out real-time information about accessibility, services, information and alerts. Data in your Open Data clearinghouse is also updated automatically and in standard formats.


Outdoor recreation visitors come from diverse backgrounds and communities and are frequently from foreign countries. Enhance your users’ experience and reach more visitors by publishing content, maps, projects, events, surveys and more in multiple languages without duplicate efforts through LocaleIQ’s add-a-language option. Users can search for map results in their preferred language.

Business Analytics

Built into the backbone of our platform you get access to robust dashboards and reporting that will help drive business decisions. LocaleIQ Analytics Manager provides you with the ability to view visitors, page views, number of registrations, and clicks and search statistics in robust dashboards by source, timeframe, and other comparable KPIs. All information on sales, reservations, events, projects and volunteers are available in a single system for you to view and analyze impact of one set of data against another.


LocaleIQ™ includes smart forms and data libraries for 21 specific sectors to give our broad range of customers simplified and streamlined management of their geographical operations, customer outreach, and data analytics.

LocaleIQ for Smart Cities

Smart Cities

LocaleIQ for Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation

LocaleIQ for Events

Event Management

LocaleIQ for Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

LocaleIQ for Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

LocaleIQ for Agriculture


LocaleIQ for Outfitters

Outfitters & Guides

LocaleIQ for Crisis Management

Crisis Management

LocaleIQ for Wildlife


LocaleIQ for Forestry


LocaleIQ for Geography


LocaleIQ for Sports & Venues

Sports & Venues

LocaleIQ for Attractions


LocaleIQ for Concessions


LocaleIQ for Real Estate

Real Estate

LocaleIQ for Cultural


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