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What if I already have a GIS solution?

Yeah but can your GIS system do this? Can you add rich content in multiple languages; attach photos and videos; manage hours, activities, amenities, rules, conditions, closures, alerts all in real-time or for a scheduled period of time in future (e.g. set it and forget it); add events, projects and surveys to a location and get analytics for all of the above. Can your GIS solution build dynamic drill down and drill up map navigation, dynamic filtering options. How about which types of over 100 types of wines are available at winery. O.K. enough as you can see we are much more than GIS, but instead a completely different and easy way to manage location information.

What if I don't have a GIS solution or data?

No problem you can either use LocaleIQ's drawing tools that require no coding and are so easy to that we have summer high school interns building out solutions. If you have access to Open Data or would like to use someone else's Open Data then you can use LocaleIQ import tools to quickly import data a get started quickly and easily.

How much does LocaleIQ cost per user?

LocaleIQ does not charge by user, rather by storage, page views and api calls. We discovered that charging by user discourages the level of collaboration as customers do not typically buy licenses for the low volume user. But in the case of say a park ranger when they do need to do an update such as a close a trail for a down tree or report a broken line to field maintenance providing access to do this directly saves time and money while informing everyone immediately. The handful of times they use it only cost pennies but adds a great deal more value to peers and visitors.

How can LocaleIQ allow all my users and still be cheaper than my current GIS?

A majority of solutions available today are still downloaded and installed locally meaning that our competitors have inherent costs that we don't since we were built in the cloud. Since our competitors have to provision your account on a dedicated server and distribute underlying software per install those cost have to be passed on. LocaleIQ is a cloud based multi-tennant solution (e.g. you rent the apartmnet not the whole building) so we can provision only what you need.

I am GIS Analyst/Developer are you trying to destroy my career?

No! As a matter of fact we like it when you have provided great data for customers to get started. LocaleIQ can actually free you up to do more of what you love to do. Once GIS data is loaded into LocaleIQ your non-GIS peers can now access the information and provide the information that is probably a distraction to your work such as updating descriptions, conditions, rules, activities, alerts, closures and more. You do the GIS and we enable others to enrich it.

How is GIS different in LocaleIQ vs. my GIS solution?

How do I keep LocaleIQ in sync with my GIS solution?

How do I incorporate LocaleIQ with our existing environments?

How can learn more about LocaleIQ SDK and APIs?

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