Mapping recognized as one of the 14 trends shaping tech in 2019

As a consumer, I use maps on my smart phone every couple of days to find things to do and places to go, then to navigate there. While I may inadvertently drive past a turn or two, I’m never truly lost. But what maps don’t give me that they should, is real-time information from the authoritative content owner about that destination...

Tracy Newhart - November 16 2018

Missed Mapping Trend #1 - Consumer maps with real-time context and conditions

It was with great excitement I read that CB Insights has recognized mapping as one of the 14 trends shaping tech in 2019...

Tracy Newhart - November 16 2018

Missed Mapping Trend #2 - Maps for Smart and Connected Cities

Government agencies are some of the most prolific users of mapping solutions. These mapping technologies include, amongst others, ESRI, MapBox, QGIS, HERE, and Trimble Geospatial...

Tracy Newhart - January 3 2019

Mapping Trend #3 - Contextual Business Operations and Customer Communications Maps

In the fourth installment of this LinkedIn article series on new trends in mapping that are shaping technology, we’ll look at how businesses will use contextual-maps solutions to manage location-specific internal operations, resources, and security and inform their customers for better location awareness.

Tracy Newhart - November 16 2018

What Wildfires Say About Maps?

Last week, along with thousands of others of horrified viewers, I watched video footage of people fleeing the raging, fast moving Camp Fire in Butte County, CA...

Tracy Newhart - January 18 2019