How Does It Work?

LocaleIQ goes beyond Cloud GIS to incorporate your entire organization into a collaborative real-time platform for managing and creating a robust Location Awareness. Quickly extend your current GIS efforts or add GIS to incorporate real-time IoT, manage rich content and multimedia, publish events, alerts, accessibility, conditions and more. Click on the section below that best describes your organization or request a demonstation to learn more.

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Have GIS

We have a solution like ESRI, QGIS or a similar solution but it is too costly or difficult to implement across my entire organization for collaboration, integration, analytics and consumption.

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Want GIS

We would like to get a GIS solution implemented but it is too costly, difficult or we cannot demonstrate a real ROI for getting started. We require a solution that anyone can use with no coding or expertise.

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GIS Developer

I build solutions for my customers but it is difficult to manage third-party licenses, maintain ongoing solution updates or would like to compete with better pricing, timeliness and customer tools.

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Our Team Can Help Get You Started

The LocaleIQ Team can help get you up and running quickly and taking the greatest advantage of our platform with your existing data. Our team will help you get your information imported and put into our interactive experience while and all the while keeping your current GIS in-sync with LocaleIQ updates. This means you can now turn your entire organization into collaborators and contributors. Learn more to get started

What Makes Us Different


With LocaleIQ build powerful drilldown/drill up capabilities for users to navigate to greater detail. Add a park, then add campground to your park, then add campsites to your campground. Without a line of code create a rich interactive experience.

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What if you could search a map for next weekend? With LocaleIQ users can because of our tools that enable customers add permanent, temporary or recurring publishing times for information. Add a farmers market every Saturday for the next eight weeks.

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Whether in field of the office provide your community with real-time updates. Tree on trail, wreck on the road or changes in weather, users can easily create real-time scheduled alerts, closures, notifications or changes in conditions to communicate.

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