With LocaleIQ build powerful drilldown/drill up capabilities for users to navigate to greater detail. Add a park, then add campground to your park, then add campsites to your campground. Without a line of code create a rich interactive experience.

Drill Down

Build custom interactive maps with the ability for users to drill down or drill up from locations to access greater or lesser detail as desired. With LocaleIQ customers define an unlimited number of parent child relationships.

User Defined

No one understands your location information needs better so the LocaleIQ Platform is designed to provide our customers with the ability to define their own data hierarchies. Regardless of the type of feature or industry, add a farm to your park; or a community garden outside your business.

Entities vs. Layers

While users can easily query a feature to return layers, LocaleIQ data is stored as entity objects in a relational database designed by its members. The entity architecture means that LocaleIQ information more highly discoverable and seach friendly. In other words with LocaleIQ I want the manholes on University Ave.; or I want trail open to mountain biking in said park system.

Sample County Park Hierarchy

  • County Park Level 1
    Add your local county park
  • Park Campground Level 2
    Now add your campground to your park
  • Campground Campsite Level 3
    Add each of your campsites to your campground
  • Firepit Level 4
    Add a firepit and other amenities to the campsite

Sample City Street Hierarchy

  • Elm St. Level 1
    Add your local street
  • Elm St. Sidewalk Level 2
    Add a sidewalk along the street
  • Fire Hydrant Level 3
    Add a fire hydrant on the sidewalk

Our Team Can Help Get You Started

The LocaleIQ Team can help get you up and running quickly and taking the greatest advantage of our platform with your existing data. Our team will help you get your information imported and put into our interactive experience while and all the while keeping your current GIS in-sync with LocaleIQ updates. This means you can now turn your entire organization into collaborators and contributors. Learn more to get started


When you want to add multiple tiers of detailed information about a location, use LocaleIQ’s parent/child management smart forms for powerful drill down/drill up capabilities. Create a rich interactive experience, for users to navigate to the right level of location detail, without you having to write a single line of code.

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When your map needs to show different events or services at different times, you need time-based maps. LocaleIQ enables permanent, temporary, or recurring publishing times for any mapped item to show only during the times you designate. The perfect solution for temporary events, services, and closures.

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Whether from the field or the office, provide your community with real-time updates. From a landslide on a trail, to a wreck on a road, or changes in weather impacting conditions and closures – users can easily create and publish real-time scheduled alerts, closures, notifications, or changes in conditions.

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