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LocaleIQ™ is an affordable, predictable, unlimited users plan that puts the power of real-time mapping, content, project and event management into the hands of all your employees. Users securely plan, collaborate, publish and analyze from anywhere, at any time, on any internet enabled device.

$ 55
per month

1 GB Space

10,000 mo. page views

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$ 155
per month

2 GB Space

35,000 mo. page views

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$ 400
per month

5 GB Space

100,000 mo. page views

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$ 955
per month

10 GB Space

500,000 mo. page views

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$ 1,900
per month

20 GB Space

1,000,000 mo. page views

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Consulting Services

While implementation of the LocaleIQ platform requires no software, GIS, or web publishing expertise, for larger implementations you may find it more cost and time effective to use ours, or 3rd party’s consulting services. We offer services for business operations strategy planning, mapping your lands and infrastructure, , initial setup of projects, events, volunteer management, and sales & reservations inventory and promotion, custom forms creation, data import, and analytics fine tuning. Contact us for a quote.

Training Services

The LocaleIQ platform is intuitive and easy to use, requiring little training. We have a number of training videos, as well as user and technical documentation for this purpose. However if you have a large team using the platform for multiple purposes, it may be more efficient and cost effecting to have us provide training for your team aligned to your specific needs. Contact us for a quote.